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First, ask yourself if you would like to start a wordpress blog from or

When I first began making websites, I was mostly confused with the difference between and  I kept seeing different landing pages, and I was able to enter both domains with different accounts.  I was kicked out of one account with one set of name/password credentials, and then I was allowed into the

Before you start a WordPress Blog, please don’t make the same mistakes that I did.  Read up on both of these websites in this article, so you will understand which site does what.


  • – hosts your site for you, gives you a free domain name,
  • – makes you find your own host, you have to set up and buy your own domain name.

Pros and Cons Free Domains

A domain is the name of your website such as


When you Start a WordPress Blog, your Domain can end in .org, .us, .net, etc.  With a free Domain from, you will be stuck with the end of your website as

For example, if you want your website to be called “DentalSupplies&sons”, your free website with will end up as


Is there anything wrong with this to you? For someone just beginning to Start a WordPress Blog, and wanting to get their feet wet with blogging, this is a great way to start.  There are no monthly fee’s, no subscription services, and no commitments to maintain your site.

Even though’s site is all free, you should ask yourself how committed you are to Start a WordPress Blog, and if you’re interested in monetizing your site.

If you are interested in using your website or blog to generate income, I definitely recommend that you purchase your own domain and hosting. Check out some reasons why below.

Things that you can not do with’s free version are:

  1. Change your theme
  2. Customize your domain name
  3. have a professional, unique domain name ending

Benefits of a domain include:

  • Your own personal identity or brand
  • makes you and your website, email look professional
  • you get your name before your competitors do

What if you create a website for free, and then grow it organically using ads and sending friends there, but then someone decides to buy your domain name.  There would be so many people looking for your website in the future, but they would end up on someone else’s domain.

With, you do also have the option of setting up paid hosting as well if you plan to get hosting in the future.

Check the Domain Name Availability Below

Before you begin to Start a WordPress Blog, make sure that the domain name that you do want is available.  Use this free tool to check if the domain you want is available.


My youtube channel will be showing you step by step instructions on getting your site set up, and with




Please watch the tutorials below and learn how to Start a WordPress Blog

Follow along to help you set up your FREE WORDPRESS account, set up your site, and write your first post. 





Domain and Hosting Platforms I Recommend

Hostgator – They give you good help support, available 24/7, and give you access to WordPress with one-click.

Hostgator link

Please leave any comments or questions in the comments below.  Please share with friends and email me anytime. 

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