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By Jonathan Hollander

When planning a website, it is mandatory to have a mobile version of website for so many reasons including being found on google, ease of use for Mobile phone users, etc.

People are increasing the amount of technology devices during their normal day ranging from Tablets, phones, computers, virtual reality devices, etc.

Based on this article I have recently read,

  • 65% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices and ….
  • 35% of digital media time is being spent on the desktop.

Since 2013,

the desktop has lost 12% of user’s digital media time, which is evidence that shows mobile devices are becoming more popular very quickly.

In the article, Sterling says that “many marketers and brands still treat the desktop as the primary area of focus, which is way out of alignment with consumer behavior”.

MOBILE VERSION OF WEBSITE: Gaining importance for more than just Browsing your website

The article also states that currently,

most e-commerce transactions are taking place on the PC, but mobile is gaining traction faster each day. I agree with the idea that marketers and branding specialists should start focusing more and more on

mobile devices because the trends are clearly stating that mobile device transactions will take over Desktop.

Where is your traffic coming from?

The article shows that most portals including Yahoo, AOL, MSN are getting most of their traffic from PC’s, but every other category (including retail) is receiving traffic from mobile devices.

I agree with the author whom says the online shopping experience is extremely important for e-commerce retail businesses because the trends are going that way.

As a web developer or Digital Marketer, it will be our job to educate our clients with statistics on the trends of the mobile world done through my own research.

Use the idea of “Mobile First” When It comes to Designing  your website

Based on this article, business owner’s, future employers, marketers and brand agents need to understand the trend, and based their e-commerce strategy with a mobile first strategy to be ahead of the sales trends.

Based on the articles charts, the amount of Amazon’s mobile users surpass the number of PC-only users. Amazon, being strictly e-commerce, should be used to further demonstrate the evidence that most e-commerce is moving towards mobile design.



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