Meet Edgar Walkthrough and Review

Meet Edgar walk-through and Review

Meet Edgar is a Social Media Manager that allows the Business owner to connect up to 26 accounts including Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Two weeks ago, I signed up for a two-week free trial through their website, and it was incredible for so many different reasons.

Meet Edgar Design

Meet Edgar allows you to add multiple accounts from different social media channels
Meet Edgar allows you to add multiple accounts from different social media channels

It’s design is really simple and intuitive for anyone starting out with Social Media management, and you don’t need any knowledge of coding.  They even offer tutorials for getting started at their help center.

As soon as you log in to the website, there will be two sets of headings: one will be the “Edgar Setup Guide” and the regular website  “menu”.



Meet Edgar Set Up Guide

This Setup Guide walks you through each step of the process for setting up your account starting with Adding your accounts , adding a library full of content , viewing your library, setting up your calendar, and the option of pause or discontinue certain posts.  This makes the learning curve seem simple enough for anyone to learn because of how intuitive it is.

Meet Edgar Content Setup and Scheduler

After adding your accounts, it’s time to set up your content.  What’s great about Meet Edgar is that it allows you to set up your Social Media Posts for two weeks in advance, and you don’t even need to decide a schedule for your posts to appear.


Meet Edgar allows you to customize your Post types into different categories.  They offer you a couple different types of categories such as inspirational, funny, questions, tips, use once, but you can add and delete categories to your preferences.

Recycling and randomizing your posts

Once you add your content, Meet Edgar randomized your content for the next two weeks and you don’t have to worry about posting on social media for the next two weeks. They randomized your content based on the category type that you specify for each piece of content posting that is entered into your library.

Recycling and randomizing your posts is considered super useful, and helps to reach your audience on different social media outlets.  For example, if one of your new blog article’s gets posted onto Instagram, and it only reaches about 10% of your target audience, then the other 90% of your users will never have the chance to ever see that post.

With recycling and randomizing your posts, your blog article will be reposted on a different social media channel which will increase the reach of that article, and will increase the traffic to your website.

Meet Edgar POST PREVIEWS feature

Meet_edgar_post_pageAnother great feature is being able to preview how your posts will look before you post them as well as being able to shorten your links.

Shorter links have been proven to be clicked on more than longer links which should help your links get clicked and get you more traffic to your site.

The calendar Meet Edgar allows you to use is easy to customize, sort by each account, add new content at different dates/times.

The History tab allows you to see what content was posted when, which account, category posted from, and you can click into the posts to see how well they performed.


There was no statistics page in this social media tool that showed how many people were reached, post likes and shared all in one area. For this tool, we have to go into the history page, and then click on the post we are interested in, to figure out the results for only that post over the past couple days.

All in all, I had a great experience with this Social Media Tool.  I think it is a great Social Media tool for beginners that have no experience with Social Media Planning because it creates their own type of algorithm to send out to your audience.  I like how this tool randomized and recycled posts for different Social Media platforms which increases the likeness of you getting more traffic to your website and increasing conversions.




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