Digital Garage University – Chapter 2

Ch2: Digital Opportunity:

  1. Search – Digital Presence
  2. Customers find out how they are connected to your website
  3. Find valuable insight to what your customers want right when their looking
  4. Analytics – see if people clicked on your ad or not
  5. how to get started?
    1. scope – web, mobile, social –
    2. technology and content –
    3. cost and time – set realistic budgets and realistic milestones

Search for the business on a search engine. How high up in the search results does the website appear? What information about the business is displayed?

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  1. Does the business appear on any digital channels other than their website within the search results? E.g. does the business use search ads, social media, or local listings?
    1. No, the website does not appear on any other page other than my own website
    2. Business uses Social media only, not search ads, social media or local listings
  2. List the online opportunities the business is currently taking advantage of. Next, jot down which opportunities are still available to help with future improvements, such as adding the business to local listings or improving SEO performance.
    1. Facebook page, LinkedIn, march by Amazon, twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, Buffer, Google Analytics
    2. Can continue to use resources above and stick to better schedule of using these resources.

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