Digital Garage Ch3 Choosing your online presence

Todays Websites:

  1. Able to provide much more than who, what where
  2. Now they can track orders, customer service on the spot as the customers are there, track orders, refunds, cancellations of products, collect payments,

Social Media:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google

Mobile Apps:

  1. Offer apps to customer
    1. gives gps
    2. special offer due to gps
    3. order through
    4. good for loyalty deals
    1. Each website has a domain – the name people type to find you
    2. Good Domain – short, relevant to what your business is about
    3. Homepage – shop window , navigation menu allow people to transfer to diff pages,

 3. Combine your business goals with what your visitors want.

1. Keep your goals and what your customers want a goal

2. put phone number at top of site, easy to find,

3. Add maps to your place

4. Prices, Certifications,

5. Content –

a. let visitors know how you will help your audience in everyday language

b. satisfied customers testimonials

c. Add Images and Headlines

  1. Make your Website easy to use (for the Visitor)
    1. Navigation –
      1. Good –
        1. How are big items grouped?
        2. small items grouped together
        3. Search box available on each page
      2. Good Style of website
        1. Page layout – should be consistent with fonts, color, layout
        2. use header and bullet lists
        3. write for your audience
        4. encourage visitors to take action  – CTA
          1. Ex. Pick up telephone
          2. Purchase with a BUY NOW
  2. Website Do’s and DONTS
    1. Site Load Faster
      1. Page must load fast
      2. choose good hosting solution
      3. use smaller images
      4. compress images – faster load time
      5. most people use mobile phone to load websites
      6. use responsive design
      7. make content clear
    2. How does your Website Solve your audiences problems?
      1. Be sure to Figure that out
  3. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
  4. Google’s Test My Site tool.
  5. Create a list of action on how you will improve your site based on the resources given in #3 and #4

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