1. Website, Facebook
  2. Ex. You’re a hairdresser – then put your name in local listings, create Facebook page
  3. What do you want people to do when they get to your website?
    1. call you?
    2. make an appointment?
    3. buy products online? – eccommerce

Online Home examples:

1. Apps

2. Websites

3. Social Media

4. All of the above

2 ways to use Search Engines

  1. SEO – unpaid
  2. SEM – Buy ad space in search – Auction system where business compete to show customers your content based on companies bidding
        1. Display Ads – Choose who you want to see your ads
        2. FB, Twitter, Google Plus –

Know what keywords people type in – most relevant to your business

  1. Email Marketing – send relevant info to people that said they want to already hear from you
    1. Coupons
    2. Special events
    3. Sale items

Ch 4 : Analyzing

  1. Set realistic expectations
  2. Make sure it’s working
  3. shows how people find your website and what they do when they get there
  4. shows which campaigns work and which don’t
  5. Ex. Hairsalon –
    1. Goal – Watch your how do videos
    2. know online goals and real expectations
    3. analyze and track
    4. keep up to date with industry you work in
  1. Make a list of digital channels an online business could use when building its online presence, such as SEM and social media. Include as many channels as you can think of, even if they’re not currently relevant to your business scenario.
    1. a. Social Media
    2. Website
    3. Local Listings
    4. Paper ads
    5. SEM
    6. SEO
    7. Network Marketing
    8. Content Marketing
    9. Email Marketing
  2. In a second list, write down as many different business goals you can think of that can be achieved by being online. For example, taking a business online can help meet the goal of increasing brand awareness.
    1. Gain more customers – calls
    2. Gain more sales
    3. Make/keep customer satisfaction high – good online reviews
    4. create raving fans
    5. keep product price low
    6. Achieve high profit
    7. Allow people to know your prices, location, products,
    8. Increase Brand Awareness – Be trusted as a Leader in the industry – building credibility
  3. Now combine the two lists by identifying which digital channels could help you achieve each business goal. Be specfic in how the digital channel/s could help you realize each goal. For example, to increase brand awareness, you could use social media channels by posting ‘About us’ videos.
    1. Increase Brand Awareness – use social media and post about us videos or donate part of profit, paid advertisements so your brand can be seen by others more often,
    2. Website – can help with receiving a phone call, or product purchase
    3. SEO – can help be seen as Increase Brand Awareness – Be trusted as a Leader in the industry – building credibility
    4. Email Marketing – more people will buy the special discounted or “sale item”
    5. Social media like yelp – Great product reviews will increase brand awareness and more likely to gain more customers/sales.

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