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John’s Vlogging and Blogging’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get started with Vlogging and Blogging by first recognizing the importance an online presence is for their business.

We encourage you to challenge your current sales and Marketing Solutions by always watching and learning new systems to promote your business.

Because there are so many products and tools out there to get started with Blogging and Vlogging, we provide tutorials, overviews, and options of different Blogging and Vlogging systems.

We challenge you to challenge your status quo because business is never static, and customers are buying in ways that we’ve never dealt with before.

Your Business’s online presence is your customer’s gateway to learning, so your business’s online capabilities is the new part of today’s Sales Process.


With the help of myself and the community, we aim to offer great advice based on personal experiences as well as recommendations so you can learn about any successes or failures of different options and products for Vlogging and Blogging.
We hope to break down barriers to any challenges by offering solutions to problems getting started as well as community of Entrepreneurs and Business’s.