Buffer Plans for Twitter – The 4-1-1 rule

Buffer Plans for Twitter – The 4-1-1 rule

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a new Social Media marketing tool that does a couple of really beneficial things for marketers.


buffer screen shotIt allows the marketer to post specific tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn Posts at a specified time.

Buffer contains an area that allows you to hold up to 10 posts in your queue for each social media account, and then you have the power to set when each social media account will be sent out automatically by Buffer.

It has the idea of the George Foreman grill with the

Set it and Forget it

buffer screen shotThis is the free version that allows you to do this, but there are upgrades that will allow you to add more content into your queue, give many people different permissions on who can post and who can decide what gets published.

Find which Content is Resonating Best and Re-share it to Reach more Users

Buffer content can be analyzed and then re-shared as you like to be effectively shared with as many people as you would prefer.

buffer screen shot

For each company, the rules of sharing using this social media management tool is different, but Joe Pulizzi coined the famous 4-1-1 rule for twitter social media sharing to increase the amount of shares.

Who is Joe Pulizzi and why is he important?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Joe was a blogger and the Founder of Content Marketing Institute:

  • was seeing an average of 130,  000 unique visitors per month,
  • almost 300,000 page views,
  • and over 40,000 email newsletter subscribers (both daily and weekly)

He was a genius and many people looked up to him, questioning how he was able to reach such high numbers.  He delivered a speech in which he coined the 4-1-1 rule to the audience.

What is the 4-1-1 rule?

Joe States that:

For every one self-serving tweet, you should re-tweet one relevant tweet and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.

Who coined the 4-1-1 rule?

Joe Pulizzi

What will the Buffer Plans 4-1-1 rule do for my business?

Buffer Plans for Twitter

The way to interpret the 4-1-1 rule for twitter is to plan on pushing around 6 pieces of content up to twitter each day because then you will be able to push a soft sale at least once per day.

  • Four pieces of content should be beneficial to your target audience that has been written by other target influencers, but can provide valuable and credible content to your users.
  • One post should be something that you have created.
    • example: Blog post, Infographic, cheat sheet
  • One post can be more “sale” like:
    • example Include:
      • a coupon,
      • product,
      • press release,
      • Sale item

How will the Buffer Plans 4-1-1 rule help me sell more through Twitter?

By providing the soft sale type approach, your consumer will see you as a credible source of information for their goals, so this will increase the amount of

Trust and Recognition for your brand

Another Benefit this rule provides is that your customers will be more likely to accept “free Gifts” from you when your business offers them because they trust you.

You can then use their information to start your email campaigns along with helping your customers gain the knowledge they are seeking.

By sticking to this rule of thumb, your brand will develop consistency because your content will be provided on a consistent time and level proving to your customer that they can expect you to provide reliable content on an ongoing basis.

They will basically learn to look forward to your content like a TV show that we all love such as Greys Anatomy or Lost.


  • Page Speed Test – Make sure your site is running properly and you are providing a good experience to your users. It can be tricky, so you may have to hire a developer for this part
  • Google Analytics – Sign up here to check out how many people are visiting your page so you can work on increasing that number.
  • Google Plus Account – Have one of these to promote your post and boost your ranking on Google
  • Google MyBusiness – Set up your business account to help people find you when searching for your business


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