Best Referral Programs To Make Money

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#1 Best Referral Programs To Make Money

AMAZON AFFILIATES – This first best referral program to make money provides you links, html code and Javascript to add to your website with the hopes that you will be able to refer their products to buy products off of their websites
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#2 Best Referral Programs to Make Money

HOSTGATOR AFFILIATES – Hostgator offers everything from domains, Hosting, WordPress websites, wordpress themes, SSL certificates.

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Award-Winning Support

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#3 Best Referral Programs to Make Money

FIVER – Get $5 for every friend that you refer.  This site allows you to offer your services or refer your services.  Invite everyone in your contact list or just the first 50 contacts to get 250$ if they all sign up. Not bad eh?

#4 Best Referral Programs to Make Money


  • Earn up to $10 per lead
  • Earn up to $10 for a completed job
  • 15-day cookie window
  • Monthly offers and incentives, open to collaborations
  • Dedicated affiliate program management team

How and Why Referral Programs are Beneficial for Businesses

Seventy-five percent of new business should come from satisfied customers.

  When I was working for different Dental Offices, new lead generation was a necessity and the DDS would rely heavily on using satisfied customers to attract new business.

In Dental offices, you get many different personalities that walk through the door and a lot of times, you don’t want to deal with the “trouble-some-type-patients”. 

Random walk-ins or new patients can be dangerous new customer because you don’t know anything about them, and sometimes can be your worst nightmare. 

It was explained to me that it is important to offer incentives to patients that were “easy to work with” to refer their friends and family because their friends and family would most likely be just as “easy to work with”.

Center of Influence Method –

best referral programs to make money

These patients would be easier to work with because they had a positive referral from someone they trust, so this was a good example of the center-of-influence theory. 

Find your Prospects and Promotors

Most people believe their friends and families opinions because there is this inner circle of trust between most people.  The patients that did the referring were the promotors because they would tell these prospects about what great experiences they had with the Dentist and the rest of the staff.

Not only is this free advertising, but they actually are able to paint a friendly picture in the minds of the future prospects about how friendly the Dentist and Dental Hygienist is.  A level of trust is established before they even meet us which eventually makes the entire process much easier.

According to the center of influence method, this method can be applied to key figures and influencers in the Dental communities such as Teachers, friends still in Clinical Hygiene, previous employers, in order to educate and promote the e-portfolio’s to their inner circles.

Feedback from these key figures can help guide parameters, and pinpoint important features around what is important to them, other employers, which can eventually make them interested at taking a look at the future product and potential staff which are customers.



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