What is an Autoresponder and How can it help?

What is an Autoresponder and How can it help YOUR BUSINESS.

What is an Autoresponder?

According to google, an Autoresponder is

“a program that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular email address.”

I’m going to add a little bit more to that definition by letting you know that there are programs that can generate a set response to your twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and email account.

Why would this even be important to you?

We are all busy people constantly reading articles, responding to inquiries, running errands, etc, so autoresponders give us the freedom to

“test the waters with a new follower or inquiry with an automated set response”

This response can be changed to stay relevant, and it can make sure that inquires can be responded to in an extremely timely manner.

What is an Email Autoresponder good for?

An email autoresponder can be a great way for your business to offer a lead magnet, which is an irresistible offer that someone can not refuse and will even give their information to you for this irresistible offer.

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I had the opportunity to test drive Infusion’s two-week free trial Autoresponder with the intention of building my contacts for this site.

This autoresponder software includes beautiful templates that are easy and intuitive to set up, but costs 100$ per month for up to 500 emails in your contact list.

Here’s how I set it up:

infusionsoft What is an AutoresponderFor example, say that you are starting a new campaign that offers a 7 day class where whomever opts in is going to get access to the course and will receive a new class each day.

Then, this campaign will draw in 1500 new followers per week that opt in at different times of the day and the week.

If you were to respond to each person as soon as they opt in, you would have to send them a direct message welcoming them to the course as soon as they sign up.

Autoresponders will be set up that will be created using an “If, Then” statement meaning that when these people sign up and give their emails and names, your autoresponder will create a custom welcome message, and then you can customize a course for each day to be sent to their email using an autoresponder software.

infusionsoft What is an Autoresponder

Other examples include saying thank you after someone purchases an item from your website.

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Why your business needs an Email Autoresponder?

Most consumers will do their research before purchasing a product, so they will entertain and read many reviews, check their finances and consult with their friends before making the final decision.

When you make a sale, what happens to the customer that originally came to you?  Where do they go?

How can you make sure that the customer that originally purchased a product from you will come back to you for future business?

Autoresponders are a great way to reach out to these customers for future products or upgrades or to strengthen the relationship between yourselves and them.



By constantly offering people good advice for information they are seeking, people will learn to trust your brand.

For example, recently I went onto trip advisor to look for hotel deals in Nevada.  As soon as I checked by email later that day, I noticed 3-4 emails of Nevada hotel suggestions and asking if I was still interested in checkout out hotels in Nevada.

This is a perfect example of how autoresponders are set to trigger based on the actions that users make, and then act as a medium for transporting valuable information to the consumer right as they are in the process of the search.


It was a little scary because I was literally just searching for hotel deals and then I’m getting bombarded with emails from trip advisor.

Sometimes it can be helpful, but it can also scare away your user, so create these autoresponder with the human in mind.


Keep in mind you are speaking to humans when you are creating automated messages to your consumer because it can be scary to receive information so quickly, but I understand the intention of the advertisement.


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