Sales is an extremely fast-paced business with a high demand for performance, and has a low understandability for a lack of results or quotas reached. 

Managers and Business owners number one priority is usually the bottom line because they pay for overhead, and their employees are a part of their overhead.

As a previous Jewelery Salesman, I used to take a customer from start to finish up and down each isle letting them try on every single item in the store over and over and over. 

One day, a liquidator came in and became the new manager.  After watching me sell, he laughed at me and had me read a book about a guy that sold copiers.


After reading this book, I realized that I never asked these customers a single question.

If they were looking at a ring, I would just pull it out of the case and ask them If they want to try it on. 

I would discuss every single feature about the ring, and I would even offer 5,7, 20 percent

off only to get a “no” every time. 

The book that was mentioned by him showed me the value of asking questions about the buyer in order to truly see what they were looking for.

This new manager saw that I was interested and enthusiastic about getting sales, but I wasn’t interested in getting to learn about what was really important to the customer. 


My previous sales manager would always tell me to become best friends with the buyers, but I didn’t really understand what she meant until reading this book.

After reading this book and shadowing the new sales Manager, he let me know that I

would always offer rings and necklaces to people before asking them how much they felt

comfortable spending. 

He always told me to find out their price range first, and then to start

looking for the rings within that price range as well as to not give them too many choices.  

The famous quote was always

“you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip no matter how hard you try.” 

This means that if the customer doesn’t have the money to buy a fancy ring, then don’t

try and convince them to.  Keep in mind we were liquidating so there were no financing options available.

Whenever I see customers for any type of sale, I’m always thinking about how their lives

will benefit from this purchase. I try to get a sense of what type of lifestyle they live, how much

they make, can spend, and how the product will benefit their life.  In the Dental world, your

health is always going to be number one regardless of whatever else is going on. 


If I’m looking at someone that would benefit from Invisalign, for example, I’d ask myself if they want it, need it, would benefit from it as well as are they good candidate for it? 

Are they compliant with their brushing, flossing, coming in every recall to get their teeth cleaned. 

There are a lot of Parents that ask the DDS and DH if their kids could just get away with using Invisalign rather than

Braces, and we have to take in account all the previous factors mentioned before we answer

that question because a parent will spend all this money, and the kid won’t wear the Invisalign.


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