Make Money Blogging in 3 ways

Want to Make Money Blogging?

1. Affiliate Marketing –

Bloggers always ask me what I think is the #1 way to make money blogging. I’m not going to say this is the best way to make money blogging because it really depends on your niche, what you’re selling, and to whom you’re selling to.

Affiliate Marketers sell other people’s products, and get a portion of the sale if someone buys through their channel.

Hostgator and Blue Host offer an Affiliate marketing platform, and can be one way to make Money Blogging.  These sites offer domains and hosting for you to advertise on your websites.  People will create tutorials, and then put their links up on their websites.

What’s nice about BlueHost is that they offer a bunch of great deals when you sign up for their service.  It ends up being $2.95 per month, and you get a free domain along with 1-Click WordPress Installation and 24/7 support.

A great way to monetize this type of affiliate marketing stream is to help business’s set up their websites to this type of service, and then charge them monthly to maintain their finished site.  If you were to offer Search Engine Optimization and Social Presence growth as well all in one package, what Business owner could resist?

Other popular affiliates are:

  • Comission Junction
  • Rakuten
  • ebay
  • Amazon Associates

Feel free to check out the other popular affiliate programs, and let us know in the comments which affiliate programs work well for your type of business/blog.

2. Coaching Other Bloggers or Setting Up Business Blogs

If you have a lot of experience blogging, and you’re able to grow your social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), many beginning marketers would be grateful to have you help them set their blog channels up for them.

A lot of Bloggers wanting to grow their channel would be excited to be coached by an expert blogger.  If you are able to do this type of work, you can either promote your services using Facebook Ads.

If you already have a big following on your facebook feed, then you can just send out the services that you can offer to them.

There are so many business’s out there that have websites that are not updated or have a blog page that never gets updated.  The thing is that business’s don’t have the time, knowledge and they won’t touch it.


3. Advertising your Own Products

If you’re blogging a lot, and have a big following, you can sell your own products to that big audience.  For me, I have a million books on amazon right now.  There is no way that I would be able to get them sold if I just put them on Amazon and left them there waiting for someone to buy them.  This blog helps me sell my own products, get traffic for giving good information, and blogging in a way that I can help others learn.

Products that you can sell as a blogger are:

  1. baseball / basketball cards
  2. webinars
  3. food
  4. books
  5. clothes
  6. etc

If you want to check out the book I’m selling, just click on this link.

Conclusion to Make Money Blogging

There are many options when it comes to selling things on your blog, but the one big disclaimer I will mention is that you want to make sure that the items you are selling is relevant to the Blog you are using.  If your blog is about ice cream, and you’re always discussing great ice cream shops, then you don’t want to start selling GI Joes.  It wouldn’t make sense to do something like that because it wouldn’t be related to your blog.

When creating your blog, you should be selling from the first day that you open your blog.  The key to success is to know your market, and to sell products that they will need.  There is a famous saying

“If you sell to everybody, then you’re really selling to nobody”

The goal of sales with Blogging Sales, is that you are doing it with a purpose and intent.

If you need help getting started with your own blog, click on this link to my webpage to get started today.



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