4 steps to Set Up a QR code for your Business

Answer these 5 Questions before you set up your QR code :

  1. Make sure you have a plan of what you would like to offer, sell, discount, etc.
  2. Objective – Have a plan of what you’re planning to achieve.  Do you want to sell more products, increase your brand awareness, reach more users.
  3. What are you capable of creating for your campaign and what do you have access to in order to run your campaign in an effective manner?
  4. Do you have enough Resources to run the campaign in the way that you want it to be run
  5. Do you already have the following available ?
    • Logo
    • colors to use for your QR code
    • media to place code into – place it onto physical merchandise or non-physical such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc
    • QR scanning application – make sure you have a way to test to make sure your QR code is working properly, so you can download one for free on your phone with one of the following apps:
      • QR Scanner
      • Free QR scanner
      • QR Code Reader
      • QR code Reaser
      • Lightening QR Code Reader
    • Have a Mobile optimized website
    • QR Code generation tool
      2. ScanLife


QR code GeneratorQR code Generator



Step 1: Go to http://www.qr-code-generator.com/

Step 2: Type in your Website URL

Step 3: Push the Button “Create QR Code”

Step 4: Download your newly Created QR code as JPG EPS SVG for FREE

QR code Generator

This website allows you to create your QR code using your website for FREE!

They offer you analytics campaign tracking if you sign up for their paid plans, allow many people to join in to help manage the campaign as well as ad your own logo.

If you choose the dynamic option when creating your code, you will have the ability to track from which location your audience is scanning your QR code.

In the paid version, they also offer you creating your QR code using the following formats:


ScanLife is a paid QR code generator and requires that you will sign up for it.  They offer a free 14 day trial that I recommend for you to try out when you have a clear plan just to see if this may work for your business.


Scanlife QR code Scanlife QR code


After signing up for the 14 day free trial, you will come to this page below that gives you the option of setting up your QR code with.

You have the options of:

  • setting up a website
  • saving contacts
  • making a call
  • send emial
  • Display note
  • create a mobile landing page

and much more!

Scanlife QR code

Scanlife QR code


If you decide to upgrade your option, then you will be able to set up QR codes capable of:

  • Saving a Calendar Event
  • Sending a Text
  • Sending a pre-populated tweet
  • Deliver different content if phone is IOS or Android
  • Instant Win Campaign
  • changing the language
  • and much more.

QR code

When Creating your campaign you will come to this screen above, and it will give you many different customization options for your campaign.

Looking below, you can see that you have the options of customizing the color of the QR code as well as the option to add your logo and place a message below or above your newly created QR code.

IF you want to leave the scanlife logo on your design, you also have this option.  Some people think that this might make your design look a little cheesy, but I believe it makes the QR code look really nice.

Also, please get out your QR scanners and point them at the QR codes below to check out some great tshirts for sale

QR code QR code


Please leave a comment in the section below to let other users know which QR code designers are a good choice, and please let me know if there are any questions or comments regarding the above information.  The QR or Quick Response code has been used by many popular Brands such as Ford and Taco Bell for their advertising, so the options can be limitless using these codes.

You can use these QR codes to provide special offers to your customers, and create new landing pages which can help you with email opt ins and Lead Generation.


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