3 Months Analyzed – John’s Tutorials

    For the past 3 months, I have been using the WordPress platform to create a personal website/blog called John’s Vlogging and Blogging tutorials with the intention of learning and teaching important aspects of Digital Marketing to myself and others.  I have also completed several courses on Digital Marketing through Lynda.com focusing on Facebook advertising.
   Two years ago, I was fortunate to earn a Web Development Certificate from City College learning HTML5, CSS3, basic WordPress, Javascript, Jquery, etc. At the time, I was interested in creating websites for companies, but there was always a part of me that wanted to take it a step further and promote these companies using Digital Marketing strategies.
    I was fascinated with the SEO class I took at City College because it was Marketing using Long Tail and Short tail keywords, and being able to promote content for free without advertisements.

John’s Vlogging and Blogging Results:

   I have used social media platforms such as Buffer and Meet Edgar to promote my channels for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter
I have seen the most growth with twitter, but not much growth with the other two channels.
At this time, I have made a total of 20,464 views on my youtube channel with 45 subscribers as well as 25$ from this YouTube video adsense alone.  
Due to one of my youtube videos, I have earned .63 cents from Amazon Affiliates for a customer buying a product I promoted through a tutorial.

Through the following twitter dates, John’s Vlogging and BLogging Tutorials earned:

  • August 1st through August 28, I have gained 0 followers, and  926 impressions, 0.3 engagement rate, 1 like, 0 retweets,
  • Sept 1st through Sept 30, I have gained 97 new followers, and  7.7K impressions, 2.1% engagement rate, 20 likes, 10 retweets,
  • Oct 1st -Oct 29, I have gained 140 new followers, 11.5K impressions, 1.3% engagement, 75 likes, 21 retweets.

Jonathan Hollander

Hi, My name is Jonathan Hollander. I was born in San Francisco, and I enjoy learning about new technologies including Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and creating Websites.